Monday, October 16, 2017

Custom Embroidered Dream Jacket

I recently picked up a jacket that I feel was so special that I've decided to give it it's own post! It's a 1970s era custom hippie embroidered jacket that is so covered in embroidery that it borders on folk art masterpiece! I obsess over embroidery, so this a jacket made me literally stop breathing for a second when I first saw it. The back side is covered in the tiniest and most amazing hand embroidery. There are tons of flowers on vines, a spider in a spiderweb, butterflies and even a dragon (details below). It's definitely one of a kind and special. It's already in the shop HERE!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Life lately...

Top: Late summer desert hikes. Bottom: A 1950s brown lace dress.

Left: working on a ton of sewing repairs. Right: A 1980s victorian tuxedo styled jumpsuit, now in the shop.

Top: Photographing a rare 1930s gold bullion embroidered silk robe. Bottom: Fall finally came! I'm so glad to wear boots again!

Top and Bottom: Photographing a 1940s WWII era Japanese souvenir piano shawl with dragons and tigers on it.

Left: I found some 1920s/30s accessories. Right: Photographing a rare 1940s fox fur lined cheongsam.

Left: Green and glittery gold trims. Right: A butterfly embroidered 1920s silk robe.
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